Where by to uncover the Almond Tofu recipe in Genshin Influence

Developing new food items is essential in Genshin Influence. You have to have it to buff your party users, mend them, or revive them if they tumble in overcome. When you begin the match, you start out with a handful of recipes and study a number of alongside the way as you get the job done via the tale missions. Even so, there are a lot of recipes out there, and they’re extremely valuable to locate. But the recreation won’t right away reveal where by you can master them, so you have to have to go out of your way to learn about them. A single of these recipes is the Almond Tofu recipe.

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You can come across the recipe out in the open up rather than speaking to a person to teach it to you at the Wangshu Inn, in the Liyrue region. Make your way to the inn and go inside of of it. Be on the lookout for an unique named Smiley Yanxiao, a chef who performs at the inn.


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Test to go to the downstairs region in which Smiley is and locate the room comprehensive of clean veggies, meats, fish, and several food items probably getting served at the inn. There will be investigation details all around the location. Go to the left side of it, and you must discover the Almond Tofu recipe in the corner.

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Once you have the recipe, identify it in your inventory beneath the Precious Things tab. Simply click on it, and you will instantly understand how to make it. The recipe requires three milk, a single sugar, and one particular almond. When eaten, it increases all of your get together members’ attacks by 66 to 95 for 300 seconds.

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