In several of my previous articles I have highly praised all the various benefits associated with the popular Zip-lock storage bags. These points commending the zip-locks usefulness are still valid however several readers of my articles have written to me describing a very hazardous cooking procedure that they had heard about involving the zip-locks. I have written this article to advise my survival readers of this present danger.

Although Rachael Ray may use it and others highly recommend it, the use of plastic zip-locks in the preparation of Omelets is not suggested. This method of using plastic zip-lock bags can be down right dangerous. Those appetizing zip-lock omelets are without doubt extremely toxic.

The University of Illinois has released a statement saying that Ziploc omelets represent nothing more then a toxic cocktail. Those entire quick omelet instructions you may encounter on the internet or you possibly watch on the food channel can be dreadfully deceptive. The practice of cooking with plastic bags has not received enough exploratory research necessary. There simply does not exist enough research data to ascertain if the process is hazardous or not due. Within the process is a potential for cancer generating breakdown associated with the plastics contacting the food during the cooking period.

The Ziploc Company, S.C Johnson and son, voluntarily affirms that their brand of plastic bags should not be employed for boiling food. They have disclosed that they do not under any circumstances advocate using the bag in boiling water. Zip-lock bags are manufactured from polyethylene plastic which is predisposed to soften when subjected to temperatures in excess of 195 degrees F. The procedure of inserting these plastic bags into a pot of boiling water or just as harmful by placing the boiling water into it, could cause the plastic to commence breaking down and possibly resulting in melting. Since the egg and cheese contained in an omelet includes fat of their own the mixture tends to get even hotter then the boiling water.

The major concern here is of course the possible contamination of the food as well as the cancer causing carcinogens resulting from the chemical decomposition of the plastic bag. This does not however preclude the use of the bag for mixing ingredients or to store the various constituents that survivalists generally require. The problem is the bag chemical breaks down under the high temperatures. The associated heat is what chemically breaks down the Zip-lock. The company has stated that the Zip-lock bag was never designed or approved for subjection to these extremes of heat found when boiling and they do not recommend such procedures.

Any concerns which you may be having about the use of zip-locks and your food can be answered by contacting S.C. Johnson and Son at 866-231-5406 or you may visit their website. I hope this has alleviated the potential for a dangerous procedure in the use of these valuable items. After all we don’t want to lose good survivalists, do we?

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