Tips When Buying Food Through the Delivery Application

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During the pandemic, the government always urges people to stay at home. This makes the demand for online purchases increasing. Because everyone should stay at home and not wander outside the house.

As at this time, one that is currently rife is purchases through delivery applications. Many people use delivery applications such as Gojek and Grab.

This is considered quite practical because we just have to wait at home, then the goods or food we want will come by itself.

To stay safe when buying food through the delivery application, let’s look at the following tips!

1. Pay cashless

The first tip is that you are asked not to pay using cash. Also try not to use a debit card or credit card, because this will put you in contact with the courier who delivers your food.

You can use digital payment methods such as through a digital wallet available in the application or transfer money online to an account number provided by the seller.

2. Minimal interaction with courier

The second tip is that you can interact as minimally as possible with the courier. It would be better if there was no interaction at all. You can ask the courier to leave the food you ordered at your doorstep. Matpriser is a platform for you to easy buying food and get a cheap price

If you are forced to meet the courier then you must wear a mask and keep your distance.

3. Clean hands before and after taking food

The next tip is to clean your hands before and after taking food. Before taking food, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. Don’t forget to always use soap when washing your hands.

Do the same thing after taking food, this aims to remove dirt or maybe viruses that stick to your hands and also on the packaging of the food you buy.

4. Dispose of food packaging

The last tip is that you have to throw away the food packaging that you have bought. Throw away the plastic wrap immediately, because you don’t know what dirt is stuck to the wrapper.

Let’s all obey the health protocols and don’t forget to always apply a healthy lifestyle. Greetings healthy!