Tips to Cook on Microwave Ovens Safely For Fearless Eating


Experts say that a number of cases of irritable bowel syndrome, food poison and other illnesses bred by food products are caused by our faulty cooking habits on microwaves ovens, once supposed to be one of the safest kitchen appliances.

However, a microwave oven is still the safest and user-friendly kitchen appliance. So how these ailments arise? Definitely, it is not our microwave oven itself, but it is our faulty method of cooking which has to be blamed. So next time when you switch on your oven to cook something delicious, kindly, for your tummy’s sake, do the following. Otherwise you will run for your life holding your potbelly in both hands towards a doctor’s clinic.

Remember, our goal is to ensure that no part of the food should remain ‘uncooked.’ It is these uncooked portions of a dish which carry living germs and bacteria which cause trouble inside the stomach once you eat up the food, most importantly no-veg dishes.

The first and foremost comes the proper cleaning of the oven. A dirty microwave oven, even partially, may hamper the cooking process. How a germ-ridden thing can cook something healthy?

Cooking meat on low heat is the real formula. First chop it into small pieces and cook them giving no more than 30-40 percent of heat. This way the pieces are easily and safely cooked and the heat reaches the innermost part. Thus all the harmful organisms are killed in the oven.

If cooking some bigger pieces of the meat is important, then cooking in a cooking bag is helpful. It generates enough heat and steam and distributes them evenly to all the parts of the pieces so no germs or bacteria is left. Avoid higher degree of heat. Use 45-55 percent of the maximum.

A microwave oven is supposed to be a good preserver of the taste and flavor of the food too. So use salt and other herbs etc only half the actual amount you use while cooking in a conventional oven.

Many times we use microwave ovens and electric grills both to make a dish. Thus we cook it for moments only in an oven. Do your grill work quickly as soon as you pull out the half-cooked meat, otherwise the germs go more destructive. Never let the half-cooked pieces cool down.

For better and faster cooking you can consider using liquid in the food. You save almost 30 percent of energy and time too. Fatty meat too cooks fast. A pound of meat takes no more than six minutes to cook. Thus you keep adding six more minutes for each pound of meat you add.

If you don’t prefer to cook in a cooking bag, then keep the pieces of the meat in a mid-size bowl and use a lid to cover it. However, avoid an airtight covering. Allow the steam to billow out. Stir the food once or twice giving intervals before you finally switch off. Stirring distributes the heat evenly.

To cover the bowl, plastic wrap can be another suitable option instead of a lid. However, refrain from using metallic foils. They may spoil the food. Also while cooking pieces of various sizes, keep the bigger pieces beneath the smaller ones. Cooking becomes easy.

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