The ultimate comparison: menu or buffet

The Ultimate Guide To Food Delivery Services In Singapore

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. And it is precisely for this reason that food is a very important topic at weddings. Many of our bridal couples do not quite agree on this point and therefore often ask us for advice. There is no right or wrong to choose what to eat. Both forms have their advantages and disadvantages. So that you can get an overview of it, we have put together the ultimate comparison for you. You don’t need to go to weding party or restaurant, if you want to eat some delicious dishes, just call and your dishes will be at your home.

The advantages of the buffet

If you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice. At the buffet, each guest can decide for himself what he would like to eat. Since there is a large selection of dishes, there is guaranteed to be something for every guest.

At a buffet, the mood is quickly loosened up. A buffet is simply less stiff than a 5 course menu. In addition, the guests get into conversation with other guests much faster and an initial exchange takes place while standing in line.

The buffet is almost always cheaper than a menu. This is due to the fact that fewer staff are needed. So that all guests can eat at the same time with a menu, you need a lot more service staff who also want to be paid.

The disadvantages of the buffet

The constant getting up and running around creates unrest in the room. If the space is still limited and the guests have to meander between the tables, it doesn’t exactly contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, the communal meal is often interrupted because someone keeps getting up to get the next portion.

While we’re on the subject of space: Ideally, the buffet is in a separate room or at least far enough away from you and your guests. You shouldn’t necessarily have to watch the service staff as they prepare. Also, you don’t want to sit in a room that smells like food all the time. So if your location does not offer the ideal conditions to offer a buffet, you should refrain from it right from the start.

Long lines at the buffet are an absolute no-go. This can lead to problems, especially at large wedding parties with many guests. For this reason, if you have a large number of guests, you should have two buffet stations set up.

The advantages of the menu

You can say what you want but one thing is certain: a multi-course menu is simply more festive and emphasizes the festive framework of a wedding more than a buffet. The guests are served at the seat and do not have to worry about anything themselves. Your guests can just sit down, chat with the people sitting next to them and enjoy the meal in comfort.

The menu already provides a schedule, which makes it easier to plan the use of speeches and games. Because there is enough time for items on the program while waiting for the next course. That loosens the mood and is of course fun.

The menu is not only a culinary highlight in terms of taste. Because as the saying goes: the eye eats too. If the aesthetic aspect of the food is important to you, you should definitely go for the menu. A chef’s dishes look much nicer and some of them are real works of art. Uncle Bernd’s creation at the buffet can’t quite keep up with that. In addition, the buffet doesn’t look that nice after the first 15 guests. Another advantage is that the taste of each dish is perfectly matched and, for example, the wine sequence can be matched to the respective course.

The cons of the menu

The choice of food. You just can’t please every guest. Even if you allow your guests to choose between fish, meat and a vegetarian dish, there are still components that you may not like.

Which guest eats how much? You don’t know in advance and unfortunately you can’t get a lookup from the menu. The absolute worst case scenario is of course when some guests go home hungry. Of course, it is not the case that no one is full with a menu. Some guests need more and some less to be full. But those who need more will not be entirely happy. And what do the guests remember? The food and the party. If half the groom’s soccer team is invited, you should definitely think about whether the menu is the right choice.

Depending on how many courses you choose, it will of course take longer. As a result, the time of eating can be very prolonged. If you and your guests are gourmets and would like to celebrate the meal together, that is of course great. But most of the bridal couples are more concerned with the party afterwards and for many it can’t start fast enough. And there we are again with the next topic. By sitting at the table for hours, you “only” talk to the people sitting next to you and do not even get into conversation with other guests for a long time. Then of course it can happen that Jan and Martin prefer to smoke a few cigarettes on the terrace with a beer in hand and talk about the last game of their favorite club instead of sitting at their place and looking forward to the 3rd course.

Our conclusion

There is no right or wrong here. It’s your wedding and that’s why you should choose the variant that you like best. But let yourself be well advised in advance. The location or the caterer are professionals and know very well what works well in which location. In our opinion, and if the location allows it, a mix of both is the perfect solution. It is practical to serve the starter at the table, as there is space for speeches between the starter and main course and all guests are seated at the table. For main courses and desserts, we usually advise our newlyweds to choose the buffet. So everyone can choose what they like and when they want to eat it.

For younger guests, special dishes should be offered both in the menu and in the buffet. Because very few children like risotto and veal fillet. Schnitzel and French fries are clearly the better choice here.