Home Theaters made watching movies fun-filled and life easy but watching television can be so enjoying was never thought. Sometimes it feels like the technology is growing at a faster pace than the years passing. It was around two decades back when the television had only one channel and that was “Doordarshan”. Although unbelievable but it had the power to drive people mad with its shows and soaps. The office staff used to finish work and come on time, the housewives finished their household chores so they don’t even miss a single scene, the jingles attracted children and made them complete their schoolwork. Programme such as the dramatic Buniyaad, Humlog, Nukkad, the musical Chitrahaar, full of patriotism Fauji, Sansaar, the famous Rangoli and the feature films for weekends made people crazy. All ages, all genders, all castes watched these programmes without missing a single scene and with regularity. The best thing was while watching these shows the family sat together shared joys, sorrows, and many more things.

With changing times and changing technologies, the television altogether changed, with that changed the shows, black and white became colored, the characters and everything. Cable connection got introduced but popular among few and couldn’t got that recognition. And then came the concept of satellite television and the world was introduced to TATA Sky. This, known as the best entertainment right at home! Which really made people believe how small is this world, how the moon is just a flight away, how can we carry loads of information in just a blade sized device!! Unbelievable!! TATA sky has given a new definition to watching television. It started when the TATA Group and STAR conglomerated in 2004, which started with the high spirits in 2006.This is a DTH satellite television provided in India, which uses MPEG-2 digital compression technology, transmitting using INSAT 4A at 83.0 E. It currently offers close to 140 channels and some interactive ones. You get sports, movies, daily soaps, games, songs, cooking, astrology and many more new things all at the same time and in the same television.

TATA Sky became the first Indian direct-to-home (DTH) service provider to be awarded the ISO 27001:2005 accreditation, the benchmark for information security. This certification confirms that every transaction carried out through TATA Sky’s systems is highly secure. TATA Sky was selected as a SUPER BRAND for the 2009-2010 by an independent and voluntary council of experts known as super brands.

The Managing Director, Vikram Kaushik, claims that TATA Sky has achieved this success by paying close attention to every aspect of the service. The company has resolved to leave nothing undone in its pursuit to win over consumer confidence. Time to time it introduces number of innovations to maintain the TRPs and yearn to deliver the best.

In a short span of time, This has become a millionaire and rules the hearts of the citizens. TATA Sky, known for Spanning the Indian Sky.

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