Reach For The Food! Spice Up Your Summer With Some Southern Heat

The summer heat is in full swing and with it barbecue season. No matter where you are, there are few things that will make your next party go off with a bang quite like real southern food. Here in the South, we love a good party. That’s why we have no shortage of crowd-pleasing party foods that will keep the crowds coming back for more.

If you want some party food to remember, you’ll want to include a southern appetizer or two at your next shindig. For this, we have got you covered. Read on to find out the very best southern appetizer recipes that never fail to please. 

1. Texas Toothpick Southern Appetizer

There is no better party platter food than the Texas Toothpick, a Lone Star State classic that is great for the whole family. The “toothpicks” themselves are deep-fried (or pan-fried) sweet onion sticks and jalapeno slices, seasoned to perfection for a taste of pure Texas. The perfect Texas Toothpicks recipe should always involve a hot dipping sauce, such as Arbol Creme, to give the dish that extra kick. 

2. Cola Wings

A good plate of wings is a uniquely southern passion, which is why you will always find them at any southern cookout. However, the ultimate crowdpleaser for any occasion simply has to be authentic Coca-Cola wings. All you need to do is take your juicy wings and marinate them in a sauce of cola, jalapenos, sugar, and lime juice. It is absolutely essential that you use real Coca-Cola, for the ultimate flavor experience. 

3. Hushpuppies

Does it get more southern than hushpuppies? This fried finger food is a masterclass in southern comfort. Pop one into your mouth and instantly enjoy the salty, crispy goodness with a soft and airy inside. Hushpuppies are versatile balls of fried goodness. You can keep them plain, or you can fill them with something tangy like catfish or spicy cheddar. What’s more, you can even make them in the air fryer. 

4. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs have been a southern staple since the 1800s and continue to draw crowds to the buffet table at any southern shindig. There are many ways to do deviled eggs but there are a few golden rules to stick to if you want the authentic southern flavor. You’ll need a healthy dose of paprika, some capers and mustard for seasoned, and plenty of salt and pepper to create the perfect Deep South deviled eggs. 

5. Pimento Cheese

Anything with pimento cheese will instantly get any southern party crowd cheering. Known by some as the “pate of the south”, pimento cheese is a popular dip and spread made up of processed American cheese, red peppers, and mayonnaise. Spice it up with a hot recipe including mustard, cayenne, jalapeno, or even habanero. Pimento cheese makes a truly timeless dip for any finger food, as well as an incredibly moreish sandwich filling. 

More Unforgettable Meals at Your Fingertips

Now that you know the absolutely essential southern appetizer recipes you need at your next party, it’s time to learn more. For the latest no-nonsense recipes that will make your summer one to remember, make sure to check out our daily recipes today.