Japanese convenience store teriyaki donut hamburgers are definitely weird, but are they good?

Family Mart brings together the two classes of combini bread in 1 weird package.

In just about every Japanese comfort retail store you’ll come across a bread corner, and you can loosely team the baked items there into two teams. One are the savory breads, with fillings like ham, curry, or yakisoba noodles, though the other is the sweet breads, like melon bread or various chocolate or product-filled confectionaries.

And then there’s the latest bread aisle offering from Loved ones Mart, which qualifies as both.

The Donut Burger went on sale last Tuesday, and the title is marginally misleading. In contrast to, say, a rooster burger or a fish burger, in which the chicken and fish are what’s between the buns, Relatives Mart’s Donut Burger still has a meaty patty, not a donuts, in the middle of the sandwich. It is even now a hybrid of donut and burger, even though, as it replaces the hamburger’s bun with a sliced-in-50 percent donut.

Its total identify is the “Donut Burger (Teriyaki and Spicy Onion Mayo),” and sure sufficient, when we taken out it from its wrapper we could see a swirl of mayonnaise peeking out from the donut’s gap.

Lifting up the top rated donut half, we saw that Loved ones Mart avoided any temptation to shortchange us and retained the patty intact, with no gap in its heart.

Changing the prime half of the donut and lifting the sandwich up to choose a bite, we braced ourselves for a bizarre shock to our taste buds but alternatively our surprise was that it didn’t taste poor at all. It did not blow our head, but it did not shatter our spirit both. We believe portion of that is because even however the donut is, as anticipated, sweet, it has, by donut expectations, a soft and fluffy consistency, creating it a viable bread substitute. The teriyaki sauce was palate-pleasing far too, and the sauce’s sweet notes make for a fairly superior harmony with the donut part of the package.

All in all, we give the Donut Burger (Teriyaki and Spicy Onion Mayo) a score of “pretty very good,” which, considering how bizarre the principle is, is basically rather impressive on its portion. As with a lot of unique convenience retail outlet creations, this one is probably sticking around for a confined but undecided amount of money of time, and with a rate of 158 yen (US$1.20), neither your style buds nor your wallet will be mad at you for indulging your culinary curiosity.

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