How to Have a Healthy Taco Night That the Whole Family Will Love

Taco Tuesday comes once a week, and you don’t want to miss out on the deliciousness. But what does that mean for that summer body you want?

Good news for you! These tasty treats can actually provide a lot of health benefits, and you do not even need to skip your taco night essentials.

Instead, just switch them up! Keep reading to learn how to feed your family with a healthy taco night.

Shell Time

A fried flour tortilla shell can contain 351 calories alone! If you prefer the softer side, opt for a baked shell and pump up the nutritional value by making it whole wheat.

To satisfy your crunch craving, go with the blue corn hard taco shells. Blue corn contains significantly more protein than its yellow counterpart.

A low-carb diet does not kick you out of the taco club! You can make a keto-friendly taco shell by simply heating shredded cheddar on a baking sheet and folding it when semi-soft! Or, skip the shell altogether and create a taco salad.

Taco Meat

Mexican food does not need to mean high fat. You can make a delicious taco with lean protein as well.

Poach white fish or shrimp and then mix it with cilantro and lime for a seafood delight. If you don’t want fish, stew chicken in crushed tomatoes with minced garlic, chili powder, cilantro, and lime.

If you must with the beef, go with the 95% lean and add crushed tomato to slow cook it in your favorite taco spices! 

Inside Taco Night Essentials

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, so pack your taco with goodness! The more veggies you pack, the less meat you will use.


Black beans make an excellent taco night treat! Season them and enjoy an excellent source of protein and fiber. Vegans can use this in place of meat as well!


Guacamole contains good fats and several vitamins. But, your typical scoop costs you a lot of calories. Opt for a healthier guac recipe, like this amazing kale guacamole

Sour Cream

Skip the sour cream. It brings lots of calories and little nutritional value. 

Instead, go with fat-free Greek Yoghurt. This substitute still gives you the creamy goodness you crave while providing calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Choose one with live and active cultures so you get all the good gut benefits from the probiotics as well!


When you choose what else goes inside, think colorful and fresh! Choose fresh jalapeno over pickled and top it with aromatic fresh cilantro. 

Load your taco with veggies like kale, tomatoes, onion, and grilled zucchini. Remember, the more color you add, the increased nutritive value from phytochemicals!

Enjoy Without Guilt

Eat guilt-free every Taco Tuesday from here on out! While this treat gets a bad rap as junk food, you can wrap that up as nonsense! 

By choosing healthy taco night essentials, you fill your family up with important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients without the calorie crush! Read more recipes on our website to make the rest of the week just as nutritious and delicious!