How to Gain Weight in legs with Diet and Training

How to Gain Weight in legs with Diet and Training


Diet and Training


Gaining weight in legs can be very tricky just like losing weight. Most people find it difficult to gain weight properly as they don’t have enough knowledge and experience. Also, gaining weight in the legs is never easy. You have to follow a strict diet and train continuously to get the best results.

So, if you want to add some junk to your legs but are in a dilemma of how to gain weight in legs with diet? Then, you must follow a strict diet and training program which can help you add bulk to your legs.

Right Foods For Gaining Weight In Legs

There is a lot of discussion going around these days about how to lose weight. But, not many people know how to gain weight. So, if you are thinking of adding some weight to your legs. Then, some foods can help you do it effectively and efficiently.

  • Eggs – Eggs are one of the most known high-protein food that can help build muscles easily. Eggs are loaded with countless nutrients like phosphorus, Vitamin B12, selenium, and many more. These nutrients help gain weight easily and keeps you healthy. 
  • Rice (Brown)- One of the most common foods packed with protein and carbs. Both brown and white rice can help gain bulk in your legs easily and boost your energy.

Besides this, there are many other foods like protein shakes and yogurts that contribute effectively to weight gain. But, you have to get in touch with some professional dieticians and fitness instructors who can prepare a well-suited diet and training program for you.

Tips On How To Gain Weight In Legs

Diet and exercise go side by side. So, if you want to gain weight in your legs then, you will need to prepare a balanced diet and exercise chart that can promote your legs growth. Also, you must follow them strictly to achieve great results. Here are some handy tips that will help you achieve your desired result easily and quickly.

Consume More Calories

People who want to lose weight eat fewer calories. So, in the case of weight gain, the opposite should be done. If you want to add bulk to your legs then, you should consume a little more calories than you consume. The surplus calories can help your body to add bulk to your legs.

If you are aiming for weight gain then, it’s suggested to get 300-500 calories per day. You can add or reduce the amount depending upon your results. Along with this, you should add some high-calorie foods to your diet plan to make it more effective. Besides this, you must get help from a professional dietician who can prepare a high-calorie diet chart to build your leg muscles.

Get Proper Protein Intake

Protein Intake

In case of weight gain, you have to make sure that you are getting the right amount of protein. The amino acid in the protein can help you build leg muscle faster and better. Also, it provides you enough energy that you need to train your leg muscles.

It’s always a good choice to choose healthy and lean sources like eggs, chicken breast, salmon, and many more. It’s recommended to eat 1.3-1.8 grams of protein per kg as per your body weight to develop muscles quickly. Besides this, it’s essential to train your leg at continuous intervals if you want quick and better results.

Ways To Eat More Calories

If you are finding it difficult to eat more foods then, you can try adding high-calorie food to your diet. Some additional foods can help you make your meal healthier like almond butter, oats, eggs, yogurt, etc. You can add these additional food items to your food and make it a high-calorie meal.

Along with this, you must try to use healthy oil to make your meal fresh and improve its calorie content. By the time, you get used to a high-calorie diet then, you can try eating bigger meals to fully touch your calorie requirement.

Train Your Leg Muscles Properly

Leg Muscles Properly

Only diet can’t help you build your leg muscles. Along with diet, you need a proper training program that can trigger every muscle of your legs. Otherwise, the extra energy coming from high-calorie intake will convert into fat. So, you must train your legs at least twice per week. There are many legs exercises that you can perform to add bulk to your legs.

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Leg presses
  • Calf raises

Apart from this, you must try to do post-workout cardio at least for 30 minutes. So, that your body can burn extra stored fat. All the above-mentioned exercises can help you build your leg muscles effectively. But, you should try to do it with proper dedication without any gaps. Only then, you will achieve your desired body.

Some Additional Tips

Besides diet and training, there are some lifestyle changes that you have to adopt if you want quick and better results.

  • Try to sleep atleast 7-8 hours per day regularly at the same time
  • Maintain your mind balance through meditation, music, and playing your favorite sport.
  • Avoid bad habits like smoking and consuming alcohol. As it can reduce your stamina and creates a problem with your bulking.
  • Don’t rush. Always start slowly if you want better results. Rushing things can deteriorate your work and goals.

So, it’s best to simply follow the guidelines if you want to achieve results without any hindrances.


Getting in shape is never easy. But, if you follow a strict diet and training program then nothing is impossible. Also, bulking up is not only doing exercise and training. There are plenty of things you have to follow like sleeping, drinking, eating properly. All these things add up to create a body that can use all the things to their fullest potential.

Also, if you are worried about how to gain weight in your legs then, you must get a professional consultation before planning your diet and fitness program. Because professionals have a deep understanding of the body and can guide you as per your body needs.

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