How to Create a Sustainable Bar Design

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Sustainability is one of the biggest trends in the bar industry. Even though it is popular, sustainability means a lot more than just getting rid of your plastic straws. It should be reflected in your menu, bar design, and practices. Common ways to make your bar eco-friendlier include the following:

  •         Start with the Basics

The first step towards embracing sustainability is implementing the basic practices. Get rid of your plastic straws, and start using compostable options, minimize your use of paper towels and minimize wastage during the production process. Reusing will help your bar reduce your carbon footprint.

  •         Limit Your Ice Consumption

Consider changing the way you use ice when preparing your drinks. The process of creating ice takes a lot of time and energy. The more ice you use; the more impact you have on the environment. If most drinks on your bar require the use of ice, consider adjusting your menu.

  •         Mindful Purchase

Pay attention to the ingredients used in the preparation of your drinks. This includes both the produce and the drinks. If, for example, your menu includes lots of lime, think about what you do when they aren’t in season. Having to transport your limes from far away is bad for the environment. Think about how your produce is grown and how it gets to you. Sourcing local produce may help reduce your carbon footprint.

  •         Recycling and Upcycling

If you have a food menu for your bar, upcycling can be easy. Some ingredients for your food menu can be upcycled for use when preparing cocktails. If, for example, you use citrus fruits in the food preparation process, the rinds and seeds can be great for preparing cocktails. Coffee grinds are good for making coffee liqueur.

  •         Make Sustainability Part of Your Branding

Consider incorporating sustainability into brand image. If it is a part of your overall message, your employees are likely to prioritize. Your bar is likely to attract workers and customers who share the same interest. Consider adjusting your menu depending on the seasons to maintain sustainability all-year-round. It makes it possible to always use locally-available produce.

  •         Review Your Bar Space

Review your bar space to ensure that it is sustainable. Take a close look at your equipment to ensure that it is sustainable. If you have outdated equipment, consider replacing them with modern, more-efficient options. Think about the equipment you have and whether you need it.

  •         Adopt a Sustainable Menu

The farm-to-table movement may be great for improving your business sustainability. It does not only promote your local businesses but also impresses your customers and helps you save money. Most customers now prefer sustainable cocktails. A sustainable menu is one that does not require much use of natural resources and energy. It should minimize pollution.

For bars, sustainability is more than just using sustainable equipment and utensils. It is a combination of approaches and practices that can reduce your bar’s impact on the environment. Consider working with Dawnvale to create a sustainable, functional, and efficient bar design.