How much meat should we eat each week?

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Meat is one of the major sources of animal protein. Others include fish, but meat by far is one of the most consumed animal proteins. There are different types of meats based on the animal-derived from. Some of them are as follows: bacon- the meat of a pig, beef- the meat of a cow, bush meat- meat of wild animals, chicken- the meat of a chicken, crab- meat from a crab, dark meat- meat from the part of a bird such as the leg that is darker than the rest, duck- meat from a duck, goose- meat of a goose, pork- meat from a pig, mutton-meat from an adult sheep, poultry- meat from birds, turkey- meat from a turkey, veal- meat from a young cow, venison-meat from a deer and others.

Where can one find these meats?

Steaks and GAame is one such online food outlet where one can purchase these varieties of meats. Today, finding where to order online food isn’t much of a hassle any longer as different outlets retail meats from different animals. The only thing you need to do is to take precautions to be sure that you are buying the animal products from the right store. You do not want a situation where you will buy meat that would be in bad shape before or when they are delivered. For this reason, you can read reviews to be sure that the animal products delivered by the company are always in great conditions when they are delivered.

Benefits of meat consumption

A lot of folks out there keep asking if meats are still safe to eat or are plant foods the way of generations to come. Meat is known to provide a plethora of nutrients so eliminating it from the dining table would do much of a harm. Red meat is known to provide muscle-building protein as they help manage hunger and reduce cravings later in the day. Meat is also a source of iron, which in turn helps prevent anemia. Some symptoms of anemia include feeling tired and a lack of concentration.

How much meat is one allowed to consume weekly?

Having seen the importance of meat, there is also a dark side to its consumption, as meat is known to constitute bowel cancer which is the world’s second-biggest cancer killer. Research has also shown that one in six new bowel cancer cases is linked to eating too much red and processed meat. One is also at the risk of heart disease and stroke because red meat contributes saturated fat to the diet, which in turn increases the cholesterol levels. There are a couple of things one can do to find the balance when it comes to meat consumption they include planning meals ahead- planning meals mean one has more variety of nutrients in their diets, it’s even advisable to eat lean red meat two-to-three times a week. Increased vegetables in the diet. Cutting down on the number of times one consumes meat and exploring other types of food such as tofu, beans, and lentils.