Here’s How To Enjoy Coffee For Maximum Taste

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When talking about the quality of a cup of coffee, most people will immediately focus on the type of coffee bean, where the beans come from, and how the coffee is processed in the factory. In fact, besides these factors, there are various ways to enjoy coffee that are also important to pay attention to, you know!

In fact, the right and fun way to enjoy coffee is said to be able to maximize the natural taste of coffee. Curious? Just take a look at the reviews about how to enjoy the right and fun coffee so that the taste is even more delicious!

Enjoy Fresh Coffee

Whatever way you enjoy your coffee, whether it’s instant coffee or serving it manually, make sure the coffee you use is still fresh. You see, coffee that is stored for too long will taste bad or decrease in quality.

Make coffee grounds that are ground manually, avoid storing them for up to 2 weeks and if possible, finish before that. However, if your coffee is instant coffee, the shelf life or shelf life of coffee may last much longer than that. Don’t forget to read the packaging to be sure.

Enjoy Coffee with Mineral Water

In brewing coffee, the quality of mineral water is very important to note. However, a delicious cup of coffee is also made of mineral water.

As the name implies, mineral water is water that contains various types of minerals and at different levels. Some types of mineral water may have a low mineral content while others have a high mineral content.

Well, it is also necessary to know how high or low this content has a big effect on how the taste of coffee is served. If the content is too low or high, the taste of the coffee will be unbalanced. Therefore, the right way to enjoy coffee is to choose water with moderate mineral content. Water with moderate mineral content contains 500-1500 ppm (parts per million).  

Enjoy Coffee with Moderate Water Temperature

Coffee brewing is generally done with hot water because it can be extracted quickly. However, you also need to pay attention to the temperature of the hot water. If the coffee is brewed with water at a temperature below 90°C, the coffee may not be extracted to its full potential and will turn sour. Then, if the hot water is above 96°C, the coffee will be over-extracted and can taste bitter. So, try to serve it between 90°C–96°C as much as possible.

Enjoy Coffee with a Balanced Dose

The way to enjoy coffee that fits and is fun is to pay attention to the amount of coffee. Make sure the amount of coffee you pour is not too much or too little. If necessary, try applying the Golden Coffee-to-Water Ratio , i.e. for every 374 grams of water, you need to pour 22 grams of coffee.

However, if the coffee you enjoy is instant coffee, you don’t have to worry about this. Generally, in every coffee package there is a recommended amount of water and coffee. On the NESCAFÉ Classic packaging, for example, you will get a recommended dose of 150 ml of water for every 2 grams of coffee. Well, it’s a good idea to follow these recommendations because each coffee product formula is different from one another.

Enjoy Cold Coffee with Ice Cubes from Frozen Black Coffee

Love to enjoy iced coffee? If the answer is yes, the right way to enjoy coffee is to only use ice cubes made from coffee. This method relates to efforts to maintain the perfect ratio of coffee grounds and water, as described above.

You see, if you use ice cubes from mineral water, you will increase the amount of water when the ice cubes melt. It’s different if the ice cubes are made from coffee, you will only increase the amount of coffee.

Well, those were some ways to enjoy the right coffee to maximize the taste of coffee. In addition to the methods above, also make sure the coffee you choose is right. One to choose from