Healthy Meal of the Week 18 With a Healthy Leftover Idea


Healthy Meal of the Week: Beef Teriaki w/ Brown Rice

Healthy Leftover Idea: Beef Tostadas

Here’s a meal that’s easy to make, tastes great, and is low in calories. Best yet, there’s not many ingredients needed to make both of these meals which means not much to purchase from the market.

You can have a delicious option to take with you to work if you want to have the same beef teriaki meal, or if you’d prefer a light twist, add a tostada shell along with some refried beans, a little cheese and hot sauce and you’ll have a tasty new delight.

Equipment Needed

– pan for grilling
– pot for rice
– large ziploc plastic bag for marinating
– tongs for flipping meat pieces

Cooking Time

– 25 minutes


(6-8 servings)

– beef strip steak (2 lbs)
– brown rice (2 cups)
– Teriaki sauce (1 bottle)
– sesame seeds for garnish

For Beef Tostadas

– tostada shells
– refried beans (1 can)
– shredded mozzarrella cheese
– hot sauce (ie: Tapatio)


1. Depending on the type of meat you purchased, you may need to cut it into nice sized strips. The meat purchased for this week’s meal not only had to be cut lengthwise, but the width was too thick also, so a cut was made in the middle to reduce the thickness by half.

2. Once all the meat is cut, place the pieces inside a large ziploc bag and add 3/4 of the bottle of Teriaki sauce. Push any air out of the bag before sealing, then on the exterior of the bag use your hands to massage the mixture thoroughly over all the pieces of meat.

3. Place marinating bag inside your refrigerator for 30-45 minutes. Don’t forget this step for it really allows the Teriaki sauce to soak in turning it into the tasty meat you’re looking for.

4. After the marinating time has passed, on a skillet medium heat place the pieces of meat. Do not pour the remaining bag sauce on the meat.

5. Cook each side for a few minutes flipping with tongs or a fork.

6. While meat is cooking you can prepare the brown rice per your preference. Since rice takes 20 minutes (unless you opt for a microwave variety) you may want to start this before you start cooking the meat.

7. Once rice and meat is finished cooking serve a good portion of rice and top with 2-3 pieces of teriaki beef.

8. Garnish with sesame seeds and serve with water or other 0 calorie beverage. Enjoy!

Healthy Leftover Idea: Beef Tostadas

By adding just a few items to what you’ve already prepared, you can turn a meal completely around. All you need is tostada shells, a can of refried beans, some shredded mozarella cheese, and hot sauce/salsa.

To start off, empty an entire can of refried beans into a pot on low temperature. If you like beans with a bit of zest, add 4-8 squirts of Tapatio and mix well – stir frequently. While beans are cooking, take this opportunity to dice up one or two pieces of teriaki beef. Also get some rice, cheese and other toppings you’d like to add all ready so when the beans are done cooking, it’ll be easy to assemble your tostadas.

When beans are done (about 15 minutes) take 1 tostada shell, cover with a nice layer of beans, spread 1 or 2 spoonfuls of rice across the top, add the meat, cheese, some salsa and presto – a superb tasting lunch on a crispy shell.

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