Healthy Food to Eat – 3 Critical Factors


Choosing the right healthy food to eat should encompass many factors. Three important healthy food to eat factors are the following:

1. Does it promote health gain and not weight gain. This may seem obvious, but it can be tricky. People sometimes make pizza and claim it’s a healthy food to eat, by simply tossing on some vegetables. But the pizza most likely will have a large amount of calories, will contain white flour, and cheese. Even though your getting nutrition from the vegetables, the overall effect leans towards a negative due to the other fat gaining ingredients.

2. Is it organic? Fruits and vegetables are always best to obtain by organic means, but this is mainly focused on meat products. Claiming a lean chicken breast is a healthy food to eat due to its high protein content and minimal fat content is fine but what is the actual quality of the meat? With the horrendous conditions of factory farming and the potential for disease, one should really qualify most meat products as a healthy food to eat only if it falls under the umbrella of organic.

3. What is the sodium content? I include this because it is such an overlooked aspect of today’s healthy food to eat decision making process. High sodium has a lot of negative health benefits. Too often one will think they are choosing a healthy food to eat without realizing the sodium content is actually through the roof. An example of this can be bread. Many breads on the market which are being promoted as a healthy food to eat actually contain high sodium levels. There is a brand named Ezekial which is one of the lowest sodium breads available. Also canned fruit and vegetables that you may believe to be a healthy food to eat is often loaded with sodium from the solution needed to preserve the product. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always best.
An added note that any generic sauce you put on your food will most likely add enormous amounts of sodium to your food, turning it into not a healthy food to eat.

These are three important factors to aid in your search for healthy food to eat.

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