Eating to Lose Weight – 6 Foods That Make You Lose Weight!


If you want lose the inches, then start eating to lose weight. When it comes to fat loss, deprivation is not the solution. Rather it is about eating healthy meals with foods that make you lose weight! Below are just some of the best foods to eat and reduce body fat-

6 Foods That Make You Lose Weight

1. Get your fiber fix – both soluble and insoluble. To cut the long story short, fiber can add volume to food without adding a lot calories, helps top stabilize your blood sugar levels and keeps you full longer! So aim to get a daily dose of 5 serves of fruits and vegetables. So make sure you fill half your plate with fiber.

Other sources of fiber includes high fiber cereal, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, wheat bran, blue berries, strawberries, chickpeas and beans.

2. Get juicy food into your daily diet – it has a high water content, and will fill you up and that means you will have less cravings. The best foods to eat in this case are watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, grapefruit, and honey-dew.

3. Lean Protein – great for building muscles, and like fiber, protein can help fill you up. So make sure you have lean protein in every meal and start eating these foods to lose weight with – chicken breast, canned light tuna, wild salmon, egg whites, crab, shrimp, turkey breast, tofu, and lean red meat.

4. Eat spicy food and Capsicum – if your taste buds can take it, then start eating to lose weight. With foods like curry or chili, you can be satisfied with less food when the meal is spicy. Point here is, when the foods are spicy, you will be eating slower and drinking more water!

5. Plan to eat snacks, as it can be the best foods that make you lose weight. Although it will not have a direct impact, eating snacks in pre-portioned sizes (or in moderation) can keep you focused and motivated longer!

6. If you really want to lose weight, then keep it simple – scale back on the processed foods and eat more fresh, natural foods in sensible amounts! It is the best way to start eating to lose weight now!

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