Conversation Starters For Use With Russian Women For Marriage

Conversation Starters For Use With Russian Women For Marriage

I had a thought today: what if I was using an international online dating service and really liked a girl from, let’s say, Japan? I imagined that I would write to her “hi” and “how are you” and maybe “how’s your day going”, and then my imagination arrived at an impasse. Do I know anything about Japan or Japanese culture, literature or food (besides sushi, of course!) that can help keep a conversation going? Probably not! Being a native Russian, I assume all the time that people should just know some random facts about Russia; in the same vein, people from Japan are likely to be of the same opinion. However, if there’s a guy somewhere in Australia who has hardly ever traveled and who really likes a girl from Moscow, he might be somewhat anxious about how start a conversation or what she would love to talk about that wouldn’t be boring! Well, in this article I will give you some hints about how not only start a conversation with Russian women, but also make them think that you are a very intelligent person, who knows a lot about different countries – trust me, that’s always an attention-getter.

# 1. Politics.

If you want to make a good impression on Russian ladies for marriage, then you have to be an intelligent person (which you are) who is interested in what’s going on in the world. So at the very least you should ask for her opinion about the last Russian election. If you were interested in politics, you would have seen on the news that this year’s elections were accompanied by numerous protests. If a woman you like is from a big city in Russia, ask her: did she go to one of these meetings? Was it fun? Stressful? Scary?

# 2. Traveling.

Russian ladies love to travel! I honestly have never seen a single one who doesn’t. They also love to hear stories about the places you’ve been to – especially if it’s somewhere exotic. However, if you’ve been to Turkey or Egypt, which are very popular travel destinations for Russian people and are not considered exotic or cool anymore, you can still talk a lot about what you liked and what you didn’t, like hospitality, food, weather etc. Saying that your dream is to get married on an island somewhere would totally sweep Russian women for marriage off their feet. Also, don’t forget to say that you are planning to travel a lot more in your life, and someday you will definitely visit Russia, because it is of particular interest to you. It is understandable if you’ve never wanted to do that, but if your future bride is there (which may just be the girl you are chatting with right now), then you didn’t lie at all – you do have an interest in visiting that country!

# 3. Food.

Practice shows that many American/Australian/Western people do not tend to like Russian food – and it is not because it is not tasty, just because they are not used to it. I had a friend from Wisconsin, USA, who never even wanted to try our national food, convincing me to go get pizza over and over again. My advice for you is to try being more open-minded. Go to the nearest restaurant that serves Russian food and try some of the most popular entrees. I would hope that you would like at least some of them. If you are looking for women for marriage, then you should not forget that a big part of a real marriage situation is having home-cooked meals. What if your fair lady is from Russia? Then you’d better get used to the taste of borsht, pelmeni and Russian salad. Yum!

That is all the advice for today about what Russian ladies love to hear during their first conversation with a foreigner.

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