Beginner Businessman Must Know! These are the 4 Stages of Starting a Culinary Business

Beginner Businessman Must Know! These are the 9 Stages of Starting a Culinary Business – Culinary business is one of the most sought after business fields by the public. How come?

As is known, culinary is now not only a basic need, but an important part of the lifestyle. Many people hunt for culinary delights to be tasted, made a review, also shared on social media with pictures or videos.

Some examples of foods that are being hunted today are egg rolls, taichan satay, everything that smells of salted eggs, geprek chicken with super spicy chili sauce, and many more.

Yes, the culinary business also makes many novice businessmen rack their brains to create creative innovations.

1. Define market segmentation

In doing business, you must know who your market is. You also need to know what buyers need, what their character and behavior is, and so on.

Let’s see a comparison of the two examples below.

You want to sell grilled chicken. Of course the market is very broad, right? So, you have to think about how to get the market to buy your grilled chicken. For this, it can be said that you have a very broad market.

You want to sell Indian food. You have to know, about who likes Indian food, also determine how to make consumers know about the food you sell. It could be said that the market is more segmented.

2. Be creative so that what you sell is different from others

Every business must have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or factors that make a product different from other competitors.

For example, your business has been passed down through generations, has 20 kinds of sambal with different levels of spiciness, your chef is imported directly from India, and so on.

3. Consider your business location

The location of the business is also an important consideration, because a strategic location will make your restaurant or shop much sought after by consumers. What needs to be considered, make sure the place is easily accessible, also easy to find on the Google search engine.

However, for now, location doesn’t really matter. The reason is, delivery technology makes it easier for consumers to get the food they want. So, people do not need to bother leaving the house.

4. Build relationships with your customers

Without customers, the business will not run successfully. Why? Because the culinary business that you create is aimed at customers, right? So, therefore, you as a novice businessman, create a two-way relationship with customers to build good relationships. If you need one-of-a-kind food technology enables production lines to produce 30% more from poultry, you should choose