Barbados Cuisine

Like other islands in the Caribbean, they have there own local dishes. Barbados is no different. Barbados national dish is called cou-cou and flying fish. Some of the local dishes in Barbados are:

Flying Fish – it is a fish that most Barbadians eat on a daily basis. Tourists are instantly hooked on this delicacy because of it unique taste. You can fry the flying fish, steam it and even bake it. One of the popular night spots in the island to experience this local cuisine is Oistins especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Rum Cake / Great Cake – this cake also referred to as black cake contains alcohol particular our own local rum (Mount Gay Rum). Since Barbadians’ are such lovers of liquor it is no surprise they love this cake. You can eat this cake all year round but traditionally it is usually consumed on Valentines Day and around the Christmas holiday.

Pudding and Souse – this is one unique dish you must try. Traditionally it is used on Saturdays and you would find that locals sell this dish along with the supermarkets as well. The pudding is made from the intestines of the pig and seasoned with many things to give it a unique taste. The souse is boiled pig’s head or feet served cold with onions, peppers etc. You might say that it sounds nasty but trust us when we say it tastes great.

Sea Egg – this is a delicacy from the waters around Barbados. You would normally find the people from the country consuming this rare delicacy. They are harvested in season so when you are in Barbados you can check or ask a local fisherman if it is in season. There is a fish market literally just down the road from the Bridgetown port ( 5 minute walk) where you can ask the locals about the sea eggs.

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