Analysis of the Nutritional Value of Coixseed


Coixseed is also known as the seed of Job’s tears and pearl barley. The cultivation of coixseed has a long history in China. It is one of the ancient cereal crops in China which can be both used for eating and for medicine. As coixseed has a high nutritional value, it is known as the “king of the gramineous plants in the world”. In Europe, it is known as the “the crops of life and health”. In Japan, it has recently been classified as an anti-cancer food, so its nutritional value is greatly increased.

The effects of coixseed:
As coixseed contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, so it has the function of promoting the metabolism and reducing the burden of the stomach and intestine. Coixseed can be used as a kind of corroborant food for the physically frail patients. Eating coixseed products regularly is also very beneficial to the treatment of chronic enteritis and dyspepsia.

Coixseed is easy to digest and absorb. No matter it is used for nourishing or medical treatment, its effects are all very mild. Coixseed can enhance the function of the kidney, clean up the heat and promote urination. As a result, it is also very helpful for the patients who suffer from edema.

By the modern pharmacological studies, it has been proved that coixseed has an anti-cancer effect. The anti-cancer active ingredients in coixseed include selenium, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, thus it can be used as the adjuvant therapy for gastric cancer and cervical cancer. If the healthy people always eat coixseed, it can help them reduce the incidence of cancer.

Coixseed contains a certain amount of vitamin E, so it is a good food for skin care. Eating coixseed regularly can make your skin lustrous and delicate, eliminate acne and dark spots, as well as improve the skin color. What’s more, it also has certain therapeutic effect on some diseases caused by virus infection, such as wart. In addition, coixseed is rich in vitamins B1, which is very useful for the prevention and treatment of beriberi.

Application people: Coixssed is suitable for most ordinary people, and it is especially helpful for those who are physically frail or with poor digestive function.

Eating amount: 50 ~ 100g every meal.

Last but not the least, there are some taboos of eating coixseed. For example, people who suffer from constipation and polyuria and women at early pregnancy should not eat coixseed.

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