7 Tips To Make Your Eating Moment Feel Good

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We as human beings, of course need what is called eating. When you eat, what you are looking for is not just the essence of food that will make your body strong. There is one thing that many people look for from that meal, namely comfort.

Many people flock to reach how delicious eating is. In fact, they spend a lot of money to achieve this enjoyment. It also doesn’t necessarily make eating delicious. Get experience in here Restaurant Moers

What needs to be underlined is, the pleasure of eating is not synonymous with expensive good food and luxurious places. You don’t have to eat at an expensive restaurant to enjoy the pleasure of eating.

Please ask the people who eat at the expensive restaurants, whether they feel the pleasure of eating when they eat at the restaurant. I believe they don’t always have that pleasure. Imagine a person who eats in an expensive restaurant, just because of prestige, even though he doesn’t have money, will he be delicious when he eats? 

There are some special and unique tips, so that you can eat deliciously and happily without having to bother spending a lot of money. Please read, ponder carefully and practice. Maybe your life will feel good and comfortable.

1. Don’t eat except when hungry

It is common knowledge, that the hungry person will feel pleasure when he starts eating. You must have experienced it yourself, unless you are never hungry. When hungry, people will eat as is without sorting and choosing food. He will be what he is and enjoy it. The hungrier, the more delicious eating it.

Today is very close to the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting, please prove it later when you break your fast. After holding back eating and drinking all day long, how did the hungry person feel.

 If you want to enjoy your every meal, then eat when you are hungry. Eating too often with a fairly short duration, it reduces the pleasure of eating.

2. Avoid foods that drain your pocket

How many people are willing to eat in expensive restaurants just because of the prestige of their friends, even though the two are running low, will they have peace of mind when eating such expensive and luxurious food?

You can imagine, your wife cooks food from ingredients that are so expensive, that you spend a month’s shopping money that you painstakingly prepared. Maybe you are not angry with the wife you love, but her mind is confused.

3. Eat food made from sweat alone

Generally that person will be very happy and proud when he can see or enjoy the results of his hard work. Likewise about food, people will feel their own pleasure when they can eat from the results of their efforts so far instead of eating food given by other people.

4. Eat with the angel of his life

How delicious it is to eat accompanied by our life partner who we love so much. Married couples are no strangers to this. 

They prefer to eat at home rather than in a restaurant, even though they actually have more money for that, while eating at home made by their partner is actually also mediocre. 

This does give a distinct impression. Although the food is not delicious, but if accompanied by a loved one, then that is what adds to the coolness of the heart.  

When someone prefers to eat out rather than eat at home with his wife, chances are he is having problems in his household.

5. Eat a couple’s food or food

That is the seed of love that makes it unpleasant taste good, which is actually too salty to taste delicious. He really enjoyed the chocolate which cost only five thousand from the gift his lover gave him. That is blind love. 

 6. Eat halal

Eating food that is not good in origin and its substance certainly makes the mind uneasy. There will be an unpleasant feeling in the heart. A heart that is still moral and instinctive will definitely experience it, if it happens. There will be fear of ill repercussions.

 7. Eat harmless food

Health is very important. Do not let you eat foods that harm your body in order to comply with the appetite of the tongue. When a person has diabetes at a high stage, even though his tongue tastes delicious sweet drinks, his heart will feel anxious about the bad consequences that befall his body.

His tongue tasted deliciousness but his heart was deprived of pleasure. What needs to be known is that pleasure lies in the heart, not on the tongue.

8. Prayer

By chanting a prayer, it certainly makes the heart feel different. There is a certain coolness in the heart. Prayer is hope and supplication. Hopes and requests for blessings and enjoyment in eating will make the heart feel its own pleasure.